Thursday, October 18, 2012

Linda H and Ellen's Quilts Have Arrived!

60" sq Brenna's Heart by Lindahoo 

Linda H (who many of us call Lindahoo) made three quilts for the Taylor Bridge Fire Quilts project...the first one is called Brenna's Heart and is 60" square.

The other two are Disappearing 9 in masculine colors is 57 x 67"...

57x67" D9P by Lindahoo

and the other is a cute two sided toddler quilt at 34 x 46".

34x46 Baby D9P by Lindahoo

The back (below) is as pretty as the front!

baby d9p back

And last but not least, we have Clifford Saves the Day! A super cute 35 x 44" quilt by Ellen, with a bright red mock flange binding and a blue back that has little dog bones on it :)

35x44 Clifford by Ellen 

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