Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two Quilts from Sam and Nim!!

43 x 64 Nim with broken dishes by Sam

I totally stole this picture from Sam at Quilting Doberman, LOL! She was sweet enough to give me this fun and funky quilt for the TBFQ yesterday. Earlier this summer she took the quilt and her adorable dog Nim out to take some photographs.

I'm adding a label today so Linda B can pick it up with the others this afternoon!

43 x 64 broken dishes

She also gave me this cute quilt below . Both are backed with wonderfully soft fleece. This one is light grey and the Broken Dishes one is mint green.

48sq sams quilt with mint fleece back


  1. Thanks Misha. No problem at all taking that photo. :) It was a good one. I am glad they are going to good homes.

  2. Beautiful beautiful quilts I love all the crib size quilts:)