Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chris M's RWB Top and 2 Sets of Blocks

55x66 rwb top by Chris M

Chris sent in this cool Red/White/Blue top for us to's 55 x 66 and was a BOM. Isn't it fun? She also sent in two sets of blocks. The first is another BOM she started.

54x72 plus sashing Chris Ms BOM blocks

Two of the twelve 18" blocks still need matching sashing/corners and then they'll need some additional sashing between the finished blocks. The rest of what she sent are her winnings from a 2010 Block Lotto on It's a variation on the Dutchman's Puzzle block. I didn't take the proper time to sort all the colors in the best layout just yet, but will probably divide up the teals to be on the ends.

40x56 Chris Ms Dutchman Puzzle Lotto blocks

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