Saturday, October 27, 2012

Misha's New Year's Mystery Quilt 2011

DSCN8100 washed

If this looks should! I took a picture of the unquilted top awhile back and it's been the header photo for this blog :) All the fabric on the top is from my stash of batiks, and I quilted it using Guttermann's variegated red & white thread which was generously donated to the project by Brigitte a few weeks ago.


The pattern is by Janet Wickell of the forum. It was a mystery quilt, and the free pattern is still available on the website here. I ended up making mine 60" square because I'm fond of square quilts. You never have them oriented the wrong way! ;)


And here's a peek at the back...I took a chance and used a solid black backing with the variegated thread. I usually make the thread match the back! I machine bound it and later realized I'd missed catching a couple of sections of the binding on the back so I hand sewed them down. Shhh, don't tell on me!!


Cyndy's quilts have migrated up from SW Washington (via my fabulous Quilt Mule aka Dad!) and I will have them in my hands mid-week, so watch for another blog post in a few days. She made a super cute Buggy Barn quilt for the project!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Linda H and Ellen's Quilts Have Arrived!

60" sq Brenna's Heart by Lindahoo 

Linda H (who many of us call Lindahoo) made three quilts for the Taylor Bridge Fire Quilts project...the first one is called Brenna's Heart and is 60" square.

The other two are Disappearing 9 in masculine colors is 57 x 67"...

57x67" D9P by Lindahoo

and the other is a cute two sided toddler quilt at 34 x 46".

34x46 Baby D9P by Lindahoo

The back (below) is as pretty as the front!

baby d9p back

And last but not least, we have Clifford Saves the Day! A super cute 35 x 44" quilt by Ellen, with a bright red mock flange binding and a blue back that has little dog bones on it :)

35x44 Clifford by Ellen 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two Quilts from Sam and Nim!!

43 x 64 Nim with broken dishes by Sam

I totally stole this picture from Sam at Quilting Doberman, LOL! She was sweet enough to give me this fun and funky quilt for the TBFQ yesterday. Earlier this summer she took the quilt and her adorable dog Nim out to take some photographs.

I'm adding a label today so Linda B can pick it up with the others this afternoon!

43 x 64 broken dishes

She also gave me this cute quilt below . Both are backed with wonderfully soft fleece. This one is light grey and the Broken Dishes one is mint green.

48sq sams quilt with mint fleece back

Friday, October 5, 2012

Two Twin Log Cabins by Karen

My friend Kathy P received two twin sized Log Cabin quilts from a quilting friend of hers, Karen. They are almost identical, although one has a yellow back and the other is a neat looking Double Wedding Ring cheater fabric. Don't they look great!?

72x96 Twin Log Cabin 1 by Karen

back of Twin 1

72x96 Twin Log Cabin 2 by Karen

back of Twin 2