Saturday, October 27, 2012

Misha's New Year's Mystery Quilt 2011

DSCN8100 washed

If this looks should! I took a picture of the unquilted top awhile back and it's been the header photo for this blog :) All the fabric on the top is from my stash of batiks, and I quilted it using Guttermann's variegated red & white thread which was generously donated to the project by Brigitte a few weeks ago.


The pattern is by Janet Wickell of the forum. It was a mystery quilt, and the free pattern is still available on the website here. I ended up making mine 60" square because I'm fond of square quilts. You never have them oriented the wrong way! ;)


And here's a peek at the back...I took a chance and used a solid black backing with the variegated thread. I usually make the thread match the back! I machine bound it and later realized I'd missed catching a couple of sections of the binding on the back so I hand sewed them down. Shhh, don't tell on me!!


Cyndy's quilts have migrated up from SW Washington (via my fabulous Quilt Mule aka Dad!) and I will have them in my hands mid-week, so watch for another blog post in a few days. She made a super cute Buggy Barn quilt for the project!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Linda H and Ellen's Quilts Have Arrived!

60" sq Brenna's Heart by Lindahoo 

Linda H (who many of us call Lindahoo) made three quilts for the Taylor Bridge Fire Quilts project...the first one is called Brenna's Heart and is 60" square.

The other two are Disappearing 9 in masculine colors is 57 x 67"...

57x67" D9P by Lindahoo

and the other is a cute two sided toddler quilt at 34 x 46".

34x46 Baby D9P by Lindahoo

The back (below) is as pretty as the front!

baby d9p back

And last but not least, we have Clifford Saves the Day! A super cute 35 x 44" quilt by Ellen, with a bright red mock flange binding and a blue back that has little dog bones on it :)

35x44 Clifford by Ellen 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two Quilts from Sam and Nim!!

43 x 64 Nim with broken dishes by Sam

I totally stole this picture from Sam at Quilting Doberman, LOL! She was sweet enough to give me this fun and funky quilt for the TBFQ yesterday. Earlier this summer she took the quilt and her adorable dog Nim out to take some photographs.

I'm adding a label today so Linda B can pick it up with the others this afternoon!

43 x 64 broken dishes

She also gave me this cute quilt below . Both are backed with wonderfully soft fleece. This one is light grey and the Broken Dishes one is mint green.

48sq sams quilt with mint fleece back

Friday, October 5, 2012

Two Twin Log Cabins by Karen

My friend Kathy P received two twin sized Log Cabin quilts from a quilting friend of hers, Karen. They are almost identical, although one has a yellow back and the other is a neat looking Double Wedding Ring cheater fabric. Don't they look great!?

72x96 Twin Log Cabin 1 by Karen

back of Twin 1

72x96 Twin Log Cabin 2 by Karen

back of Twin 2

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mary Jane's Quilts and House Blocks

MJ 56x76 big block quilt
56 x 76" big block quilt from Mary Jane

Here's what was a the box from Mary Jane this week! Two almost twin sized quilts, and two cute house blocks. Thank you, Mary Jane!!!

MJ 55x72 blue and green puzzle quilt
55 x 72" blue and green puzzle quilt from Mary Jane

MJ Houses

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Four More Houses from Pam!

Pam 4 more houses

Pam was sweet enough to make 4 more houses for my 2nd sampler quilt. Thank you, Pam! She also sent me a stack of cornerstones to use for the same. I will post pictures of one of the sampler tops in the next few days after I get the cornerstones added...I already have the blocks and initial sashing sewn into rows.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chris M's RWB Top and 2 Sets of Blocks

55x66 rwb top by Chris M

Chris sent in this cool Red/White/Blue top for us to's 55 x 66 and was a BOM. Isn't it fun? She also sent in two sets of blocks. The first is another BOM she started.

54x72 plus sashing Chris Ms BOM blocks

Two of the twelve 18" blocks still need matching sashing/corners and then they'll need some additional sashing between the finished blocks. The rest of what she sent are her winnings from a 2010 Block Lotto on It's a variation on the Dutchman's Puzzle block. I didn't take the proper time to sort all the colors in the best layout just yet, but will probably divide up the teals to be on the ends.

40x56 Chris Ms Dutchman Puzzle Lotto blocks

Jewel Box Lotto Quilt - Finished!

50x60 jewel box finished

It took me long enough, but I finally got my Jewel Box quilt bound, labeled and washed. I also finished making some blocks to go with Rita's Mountain Majesties top and will photograph that later this weekend after I get those blocks and some additional borders added.

I also received a box of goodies from Chris (chriswith3boys) and am looking forward to posting pics of that soon, as she sent a really cool Red/White/Blue top. I was born on Independence Day so I have a soft spot in my heart for Americiana stuff!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Six Finished Quilts from Ann O. Nymous

Ok, I confess that's not really a name...but she didn't want to have her name on the label. Can you imagine? Such pretty quilts!!! I'm in a rush at the moment so will flesh out the descriptions later when I can. I think if you hover or click you'll see the Flickr descriptions which include the sizes for now.

70in sq blue 9 patch by Anonymous

purple hourglass 35x44 by by Anonymous

39x46 green triangle by Anonymous

41x60 garden stripe by Anonymous

45x54 peach and pink hourglass by Anonymous

94in square black and brown by Anonymous

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yardage from Marje!

Marje backs
Backs from Marje!

Can you believe that Marje sent me over 44 yards of fabric to use for backings?!?! I will spend some time tomorrow finding tops to go with these so I can create kits for our quilters. Thank you for your generosity, Marje, these are going to come in very handy!!!

Also, here's a little teaser of my Jewel Box quilt, undergoing some serious inspecting by Smokey!

Misha Smokey inspecting JB

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cathy L's Tops and Orphans

Wow, was I slacking this weekend? No, but I did fail to update the blog. I didn't get home until very late last night and went straight to bed, but on the way home I picked up 3 boxes of goodies that were at Mom & Dad's! One of those boxes was from Quilty Cat (Cathy L) and here is what it contained!

Cathy L 72sq NYMQ 2012 top
72" square NYMQ 2012 top
Cathy and I both participated in this year's New Year's Mystery Quilt, but mine is still a bunch of HSTs in a bag, LOL! She put hers together with some great fish fabric for borders. She also gave me 4 yards of the same fishies to use for backing. Yay! I love fish :D

CL 45x60 lime top
45 x 60" Lime and Purple top
Here are a pair of tops that look super! I apologize in advance that the colors are not accurate. The top one looks ok but the bottom one just won't balance right. Maybe later I can get a picture in natural light.

CL 45x60 turquoise top
45 x 60" green blue and purple top

CL 36sq peach top
36" sq peach and green Rail Fence top

CL orphans
Cathy L's orphan blocks
Tomorrow I hope to post some pics of the two boxes worth of backings that Marje sent. I can't wait to get the pieces measured and find some tops for them so I can make more kits for our quilting friends to help us finish!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

6 Quilts and 30 Tops

6 quilts & 28 tops
Not in photo: 14 quilts and 4 tops already delivered to Zerna plus 3 tops I sent to Kathy P to quilt!

Expecting to receive some finished quilts from Kathy P this weekend (from her guild friends!), and a box with some backings from Marje tomorrow. Woot!!!

Spent the day cutting borders, making labels, and generally scheming. I have no idea where the day went, but I was busy the whole time!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Very Heavy Box from Wanda!!!

You guys are just blowing me away with your generosity!!! Here's another shining example...Wanda sent me 8 quilt tops, 5 of them with coordinating backings. And most of these are HUGE!!!

I had fun taking photos last night as it was breezy up here at The Pass, so any wonkiness you see is just from the wind blowing the tops around a little :)

A thousand thank you's, Wanda!!!

Wanda 83x96 postage stamp quilt top
83x96 Postage Stamp with medium brown wheat backing

Wanda 57x83 blue kaleidoscope circles top
57x83 Kaleidoscope Circles top with black tone on tone dots for backing

Wanda 78x94 30s Jewel Box top
78x94 Jewel Box in 30's prints top and green backing with white dots

Wanda 60x70 blue and yellow strings top
60x70 blue and yellow string quilt - foundation pieced and blue/yellow floral backing

Wanda 72x96 bright pinwheels top
72x96 Broken Dishes top

Wanda 70x94 bright and black hst top
70x94 bright and black HSTs top

Wanda 39x46 circles top
39x46 circles top

Wanda 43x63 batik sawtooth star top
43x63 Batik Sawtooth Star top with a large backing made of the border batik!

Marcia's Tops

Marcia recently completed a wedding quilt for the daughter of a very good friend. She had several leftovers and made these two great tops to donate to TBFQ. Thank you, Marcia!

Marcia 48x60 Ohio star top

Marcia 56x56 embroidered blue flower top

And here are two cute Granny's Garden blocks she sent along. I love those blues!

Marcia orphans

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cathy L's "Tidal Pools" Quilt

This cute quilt was made by Cathy aka Quiltycat. It is 52 x 68" and has the sweetest little star stitches in the binding!

I folded it for the photo so you can better see the pretty fabrics. Mum saw this one and was sad that she couldn't keep it for herself, LOL!!

Thank you, Cathy! I know you mentioned there's a 2nd package (the NYMQ) and I'll let you know when it arrives.