Friday, August 31, 2012

Quilt Angels, Who Are You?

Two quilts and four tops were dropped off at my parents' house...the card(s) attached had the following inscriptions: Ann H, Nancy Y, Barb B and Judy T. Just look at the lovelies the ladies left (plus batting!!!)

If you know who these ladies are, please let me know! I assume they're all from the Puget Sound area...but so far I'm in the dark :)

Pink & Black quilt  by Judy T 37 x 49
Pink and Black quilt by Judy T - 37x49"

4 patch Quilt by Ann H 83 x 67
Four Patch quilt by Ann H - 67 x 83"

Hawaiian themed top by Nancy Y 45 sq
Hawaiian themed top by Nancy Y - 45" square

Strip top by Ann H 61x78
Strip top (Christmas fabric) by Anne H - 61 x 78"

Framed Rectangles Top by Barb B 57 x 75
Framed Rectangles top by Barb B - 57 x 75"

Strip Top by Barb 64 x 72
Scrappy Strips by Barb B - 64 x 72"

Blue YBR top by Nancy Y 44 x 52
Blue YBR top by Nancy Y - 44 x 52"

Orphans, Tops and more from Lynne

Houses by Lynne

Yesterday I posted 2 finished quilts by Lynne, but she sent far more to me than that!! Above you'll see 3 cute house blocks she sent me for my sampler quilt(s). I need to put all the houses together on the wall this weekend and play with a layout!!

Next are the four scrappy tops she sent. I need to ask her if they have actual names...for now I've given them descriptive titles (see the caption bar beneath each one).

16 patch top 44 x 62 Lynne
16 Patch 44 x 62" top by Lynne

Amish 9 patch top 38 x 46 Lynne
Amish 9 Patch 38 x 46" top by Lynne

Brown stripe top 60 sq Lynne
Brown stripe 60x60" top by Lynne

Khaki scrappy top 52 x 61 Lynne
Khaki Scrappy 52x61" top by Lynne
Below are the orphans and some raw edge hearts Lynne sent me as well. These will all look great in some quilts. Thank you for your generosity, Lynne!

raw edge heart orphans Lynneorphans from Lynne 

And last but not least, here's some yardage she sent for backings. These will definitely help out!

backing fabric from Lynne

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lynne Outdid Herself!!!

seeing stripes
Stacked Stripes (I think that's right) 48 x 56"

Here are two awesome finished quilts from Lynne!! I got home much later than planned tonight and really wanted to share these with you now. Tomorrow I hope to get some photos taken of the tops she sent, plus orphans, plus any other packages I may have forgotten to document. I still have one at the post office that I couldn't pick up in time, but I'm going to see if I can get it redelivered up here tomorrow or Saturday (that's Bridgette's for those who are curious) :)

twinkling star and variations nap quilt (1)
Pinwheels and Stars 48 x 61"

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Helen May's House and Bear Paw

Helen MayI love the Bear Paw block. And of course I love the house! I'm hooked on all the different house blocks...if you followed me on Pinterest you'd see I have an entire board chock full of pictures of quilted houses!

I have a tiny WIP in solids that I need to get back to one of these days...I think the blocks finish around 6 or 6.5 (yes, it's been THAT long). Oh, but enough about ME...

Got these cuties in the mail today from Helen May who just relocated back to WA! Welcome back, HM!

I also received Brenda's House Blocks (they multiplied on the long trip from Canada, there are 5 now, eh!) and a HEAVY box from Lynne that is going to take some time to catalog, but I will say she sent 2 finished quilts, 4 tops, and some orphans and other items. Something to look forward to!

I stopped by my parents' house today and spray basted two quilts on their patio Jewel Box top and Cindy's Framed 4 Patch (to which I added a button print border).

Now I'm ready to quilt on Friday!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pat A's Orphans and House Block

Pat A sent in a few orphans plus a house block with Peanuts characters. I love Snoopy!!!
I'm looking forward to adding this to a sampler quilt, thanks Pat!! :)

Pat A house block
Close up of the house block

Pat A's orphans
Pat's Orphan blocks

Skinny Strips by Yetta

Skinny Strips 43x60 Yetta 

Yetta made this 43 x 60" top recently, based on a pattern from, Skinny Strips. I saw this when she posted it online as a show & tell a few weeks ago...and lucky us, she decided to send it to me to turn into a quilt for the cause. She threw in a big piece of the border fabric to use for a pieced back and/or binding. Thank you, Yetta, it's awesome!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aileen's Box 'o Goodies!

Aileen gets the prize for the most orphans sent!! But first (said like Julie Chen) here is a cute African/Jungle themed top that just needs a little bit added to it. It's currently 35x41".

35x41 jungle Aileen

The Tulip Medallion below is 32" square, and is a pretty green/purple combo. She also included eight corresponding blocks so I spaced them around and will look for a print to fill in the blanks.

Aileen tulips

And here are a pair of 24" square wall hangings. They could be the centers of some sampler quilts eventually. Only time will tell!

24sq blocks or centers Aileen

And here are the orphans!!!

This first one had me puzzled at first. The initial blocks I opened were the ones at the bottom...then the pieces (now laid out)in the upper right corner, some of which are sewn together, some are not. Then I found the real clue, the block in the upper left corner. I then figured out how the pinned pieces went, and that the "blocks" I first saw are actually strip sets. I might sew these myself, or just send them with instructions. I think it would be easier to just sew them myself though :)

Aileen puzzle 

Here are the orphans that have some sort of applique. I see a lot of different techniques here! I also threw in the hexies. They're so cute!!

Aileen O3

Next up we have a few stars, a barn...I actually saved all the files for the same BOM for this barn, so that amuses me! I also love the butterfly and kitty blocks.

Aileen O2

And to wrap this up, we have the miscellaneous items...including 10 crazy quilt style blocks.

Aileen O1

Thank you for all the goodies, Aileen! You've given us a lot of fun things to play with!!!

Shelley's EIGHT Quilts

Wowsers!!! Shelley really came through for us, with 8 fabulous quilts! The descriptions will be above the corresponding photo. I showed you two of them earlier, and will repost them at the end of the list.

Flannel 4-Patch & Rail Fence 
40"x 50" with pale pink fleece backing Blogged here
4-patch rail fence front

Garden Gate 
44"x58" Churndash with dark blue, cotton backing Blogged here

Garden Gate quilt

Scrappy Quilt 
48" square, w/ Baptist Fan quilting and white muslin backing.

48sq Scrappy by Shelley

Prairie Point Swap Quilt 
60"x62" with white muslin back. Note the solid black prairie point edge! It's important to note that most of the blocks have signatures on them, as the swappers signed them, and this one also has a hanging sleeve on the back.

 60sq Prairie Point swap by Shelley

Cathedral Window
35"x46"  (machine stitched) with unbleached muslin back

machine cathedral window

Gimme Diamonds 2
42"x56". Pieced flannel top, sashing is in baby print. She used pink/blue/yellow fleece on the back. The front has purple setting triangles, and the red squares have the word "believe" in them. There's enough pink on the back that this may be best suited for a little girl.

Gimme Diamonds 2

Gimme Diamonds 1
 42"x56". Pieced flannel top, sashing is in baby print. She used cute black & white dog print fleece on the back of this one. Great quilt for a baby boy!!

 Gimme Diamonds 1

Arrowhead Star
53"x58" solid, dark purple cotton back Blogged here

Houston 2004 finished quilt

Farm Wishes is Finished!

Farm Wishes finished

Here's Natalies Farm Wishes top, all quilted and bound. The charms are primarily horses, but there are a few cows and some foxes here and there. The finished size is 37 x 46 but I haven't washed it yet, so it will shrink a tiny bit (backing was prewashed but front was not

Farm wishes quilted close up

Here's a close up of the backing, binding and quilting.

smokey inspecting farm wishes

Smokey had to do a little inspecting too, of course!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two Quilts from Viola and...

42x49 bunny stripe Viola

Check out this fun Bunny quilt Viola sent! It would be cute for a boy or a girl, and the backing is neutral colors too (see below)

bunny close up Viola

Next she sent this Gingham Bear panel quilt...but you should know it is HAND quilted all around the different characters! It also has some really cute bear themed fabric on the back. I think it's adorable :)

34x43 gingham bear HQ by Viola

bear back close up Viola

And if that wasn't enough (and it was!) she also sent me about 10 YARDS of this great Marcus Brothers panel fabric. I can't decide if I should use it on the front of some quilts or the backs! So generous, Viola, thank you!!!

panel yardage Viola

Rita's Mountain Majesty Top

Here's a fall themed Mountain Majesties top from Rita F. She made it with blocks she received (and made) in a swap on It's currently 36 x 59". Thank you for donating this, Rita, it will be a welcome addition to someone's home, I'm sure!

Goodies from Cindy G!

51x60 red and black stars Cindy

Cindy G. sent me three great tops, all very different!!

This first one is 51 x 60" in true red and black with a great star theme. Many of the fabrics are bandana-like and I think I saw a skull or two in there! She was also sweet enough to send wide backing in red with black and white dots AND she made binding with the extra backing, woot!!! I almost want to keep it for myself, as these were my school colors ;)

32x40 framed 4 patch Cindy

Next we have a cute little  32 x 40" framed four patch top in pretty pastels. It's just adorable!

54x70 tropical stars Cindy

And last but not least, we have a HOT tropical looking star quilt that's 54 x 70" and also came with its own backing and binding strips cut out. Woot! Thank you VERY much for your thoughtful additions, Cindy!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Are You Sitting Down? Tove's Quilts!!!

Wow. Just WOW!!! Check out these fabulous quilts and tops from Tove in Arizona!!

First is the super colorful and wonderfully cheerful fruit quilt. I need a good name for it (leave a suggestion in the comments!!). I'll show the back too, but it's so awesome you'll think it's another quilt!

fruit quilt 54x72 from Tove
Tutti Frutti quilt by Tove 54 x 72"
back of Tove's fruit quilt
back of Tutti Frutti
Stars and snowballs are the theme of this next quilt...the colors are off in the photo (I will try to take new pictures when the light is better). The snowballs are cream, the stars are green, charcoal and a dusty rose. The back is all charcoal.

green star quilt v2 60x60 sq from Tove
Green stars and snowball by Tove 60" square

But wait! There's more! A lot more!

Here's a pretty top she made with some very modern fabrics. It's 72" square and very hip looking!! Someone more educated in mod fabrics will have to tell me if these are Kaffe, Amy, Joel or a combo...? Sorry it's a little droopy, LOL!!.

Mod top by Tove 72x72 full view
Mod top by Tove 72" square

Tove also mentioned she had a top in progress that was in rows. I said SEND IT! I will put the puzzle together and get the rows sewn together. I couldn't fit all 8 rows onto my design wall (too much stuff against the bottom of the wall) so here are 6 of the 8 rows. I think I may need to play with the order a little, but this is going to make an awesome quilt for some fella! It's grey and tan/brown. She even sent the leftover scraps so I could make a scrappy backing for it (but I'm secretly tempted to use them to make another top and use muslin for the back, shhhhh!) ;)

masculine WIP 70x70 top by Tove
Chocolate Meringue quilt by Tove 72" square

So I can here you now saying "wow, Tove really outdid herself!!!" But you know what? She also sent me some cute orphan blocks too. Thanks a million, Tove, you're going to make a lot of people so very happy!!!

orphans from Tove
orphan blocks from Tove