Monday, September 10, 2012

Cathy L's Tops and Orphans

Wow, was I slacking this weekend? No, but I did fail to update the blog. I didn't get home until very late last night and went straight to bed, but on the way home I picked up 3 boxes of goodies that were at Mom & Dad's! One of those boxes was from Quilty Cat (Cathy L) and here is what it contained!

Cathy L 72sq NYMQ 2012 top
72" square NYMQ 2012 top
Cathy and I both participated in this year's New Year's Mystery Quilt, but mine is still a bunch of HSTs in a bag, LOL! She put hers together with some great fish fabric for borders. She also gave me 4 yards of the same fishies to use for backing. Yay! I love fish :D

CL 45x60 lime top
45 x 60" Lime and Purple top
Here are a pair of tops that look super! I apologize in advance that the colors are not accurate. The top one looks ok but the bottom one just won't balance right. Maybe later I can get a picture in natural light.

CL 45x60 turquoise top
45 x 60" green blue and purple top

CL 36sq peach top
36" sq peach and green Rail Fence top

CL orphans
Cathy L's orphan blocks
Tomorrow I hope to post some pics of the two boxes worth of backings that Marje sent. I can't wait to get the pieces measured and find some tops for them so I can make more kits for our quilting friends to help us finish!!

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