Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Very Heavy Box from Wanda!!!

You guys are just blowing me away with your generosity!!! Here's another shining example...Wanda sent me 8 quilt tops, 5 of them with coordinating backings. And most of these are HUGE!!!

I had fun taking photos last night as it was breezy up here at The Pass, so any wonkiness you see is just from the wind blowing the tops around a little :)

A thousand thank you's, Wanda!!!

Wanda 83x96 postage stamp quilt top
83x96 Postage Stamp with medium brown wheat backing

Wanda 57x83 blue kaleidoscope circles top
57x83 Kaleidoscope Circles top with black tone on tone dots for backing

Wanda 78x94 30s Jewel Box top
78x94 Jewel Box in 30's prints top and green backing with white dots

Wanda 60x70 blue and yellow strings top
60x70 blue and yellow string quilt - foundation pieced and blue/yellow floral backing

Wanda 72x96 bright pinwheels top
72x96 Broken Dishes top

Wanda 70x94 bright and black hst top
70x94 bright and black HSTs top

Wanda 39x46 circles top
39x46 circles top

Wanda 43x63 batik sawtooth star top
43x63 Batik Sawtooth Star top with a large backing made of the border batik!