Friday, September 7, 2012

6 Quilts and 30 Tops

6 quilts & 28 tops
Not in photo: 14 quilts and 4 tops already delivered to Zerna plus 3 tops I sent to Kathy P to quilt!

Expecting to receive some finished quilts from Kathy P this weekend (from her guild friends!), and a box with some backings from Marje tomorrow. Woot!!!

Spent the day cutting borders, making labels, and generally scheming. I have no idea where the day went, but I was busy the whole time!


  1. you're right, it DOES look like you knocked off a quilt store! =D

    1. LOL! But if I really had, I didn't plan well...I should've taken a couple bolts of fabric for backing and a truckload of batting ;)