Saturday, September 1, 2012

SVQ Donations

Here are a few items I picked up from Karen and Mary the other night in North Bend. They're from the Snoqualmie Valley Quilters club that I sometimes attend. They gave me two finished quilts, one almost finished one (it was knit fabrics, sewn/birthed/top-stitched but someone forgot to tie it, oopsie) two fleece blankets and two quilt tops. One of the fleece blankets wouldn't photograph properly so I have a close up of it instead. Thank you, ladies!!!

Orange & Blue 49 x 60" tied quilt - SVQ
Blue & Yellow squares 48 x 58" -SVQ
Mickey Mouse WIP - knit fabrics. Needs to be tied. From SVQ
Dino fleece blanket 55 x 62" from SVQ
red and blue fleece blanket 50 x 62 - SVQ
orange/red/teal/brown top 42 x 51" SVQ
Sunflower sampler top 47 x 62" SVQ
Yes, this photo is upside down. Can you figure out WHY? :)

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