Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Helen May's House and Bear Paw

Helen MayI love the Bear Paw block. And of course I love the house! I'm hooked on all the different house blocks...if you followed me on Pinterest you'd see I have an entire board chock full of pictures of quilted houses!

I have a tiny WIP in solids that I need to get back to one of these days...I think the blocks finish around 6 or 6.5 (yes, it's been THAT long). Oh, but enough about ME...

Got these cuties in the mail today from Helen May who just relocated back to WA! Welcome back, HM!

I also received Brenda's House Blocks (they multiplied on the long trip from Canada, there are 5 now, eh!) and a HEAVY box from Lynne that is going to take some time to catalog, but I will say she sent 2 finished quilts, 4 tops, and some orphans and other items. Something to look forward to!

I stopped by my parents' house today and spray basted two quilts on their patio Jewel Box top and Cindy's Framed 4 Patch (to which I added a button print border).

Now I'm ready to quilt on Friday!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I am totally getting caught up, you have had some amazing donations come in. My machine has been on the fritz but I think is going to work for me today. I am overwhelmed by some of the nice things you have already received!