Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shelley's Arrowhead Star Quilt

Shelly's Houston Quilt

This little beauty was made by Ms. Pirate (aka Shelley) in 2004 while taking a class in Houston. It is 54" square. She later quilted it on both her domestic sewing machine and her long arm for practice, and has blessed us with donating it to the survivors of the Taylor Bridge Fire! It hasn't quite arrived yet on my doorstep, but it's on the way!

Thanks again for another awesome quilt, Shelley!!

Edited to add link back to Shelley with her entertaining (as always) description of the making of the quilt!


  1. Actually, that one was also partially done on my home machine because I couldn't figure out how to do the scallops in the outer border on the longarm. I later learned that nice scallops are stitched with a template; after I obtained a longarm scallop template, that design is one of my favorites for large borders.

    But this one was quilted on both my longarm arm and my home machine. :-)

    1. Heh, I fixed the post but never actually replied so it makes it look like you didn't read it correctly. As tempting as it is to continue to not respond, I'll say "oops, fixed that!" :D