Thursday, August 23, 2012

Donations from Natalie!!!

Warm Wishes...or is it Farm Wishes? This top is 37 x 46" and will make a fabulous quilt for some future farmer!! The bars that look orange are actually more of a caramel brown. I hope to quilt this myself if I can find a suitable backing in my stash tomorrow.

Great additions to the cause, Natalie. Well done, and thank you!!!! camera stinks. I told Santa to bring me a new one, but I think I may need to buy it myself, LOL!!

farm warm wishes 37x46 top from Natalie
"Farm Wishes" by Natalie

Farm wishes close up
Horses!! and all sorts of other cool farm animals like cows. Yay cows!!

orphans from Natalie T
Natalie's orphans. Love them!!!

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