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This blog will be updated over the next few days...I just wanted to get it started but have limited Internet access at the moment :)

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My name us Misha, and I live in Kittitas County about 30 miles from the devastating Taylor Bridge fire that occurred in Cle Elum this week.

At this time it's believed that 70 (edited to 51) homes have burned, and the fire is not yet contained.

Many quilters have expressed interest in helping make quilts for the families who lost their homes. I am working on this effort with Zerna who also lives in the county. We are planning some Sew Day events soon, one in or near Cle Elum (or Roslyn) and another in Ellensburg.

Update 8/18 6:25am

As of last night the fire is about 40% contained, but there is a threat today of dry lightning and that is worrisome.

Here is a partial quote from Zerna, a lady from Ellensburg that I'm working with. She has stated very nicely what our mission is:

" vision is that each member of each family who lost their homes would have a special quilt, lovingly made. if you don't want to make one, and you love to bind, we can send quilts to you for binding. if you have quilting friends, or if you know long-arm quilters who might donate their services, please invite them to join (our efforts)...

the last figures i know of, there are about 60 homes lost. the fire isn't out yet, so that number could change. i'm working to find the right connections to determine the numbers, and then the best way to get the quilts to the families in a loving, confidential way. so, if you want to get started now, that's terrific!"

I'll update the blog soon with more details, links, etc. on how you can help if you would like!!!

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