Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oooh! Look and See What Shelley is Sending!

I've heard from Shelley aka Pirate, and she is sending me a BUNCH of finished quilts, woo hoo!!!

Here's a picture of one of them, which some little boy is going to love.

Edited to add Shelley's description from when she posted it in Show & Tell on the about.com forum:

The top was pieced several months ago and has been waiting to be quilted.  It finally got its chance a couple of days ago.

All of the fabric in the top came from leftover flannel pieces. The backing is a doggy-print fleece.

It finished out at 42" x 56".  I quilted it with what I call an "embellished meander" and is one of the designs that I learned from Darlene Epp's Pocket Guides to Freehanding (Meandering).


  1. I'm hoping my ex-MIL will give back the quilt I made for her that's never been used. If she does, I'll send it your way.

    1. Oh Pat, how sad that your quilt didn't get the love it deserved, but that would be great if she could find it in her heart to donate it to someone in need. Good luck!!!