Saturday, August 25, 2012

Goodies from Cindy G!

51x60 red and black stars Cindy

Cindy G. sent me three great tops, all very different!!

This first one is 51 x 60" in true red and black with a great star theme. Many of the fabrics are bandana-like and I think I saw a skull or two in there! She was also sweet enough to send wide backing in red with black and white dots AND she made binding with the extra backing, woot!!! I almost want to keep it for myself, as these were my school colors ;)

32x40 framed 4 patch Cindy

Next we have a cute little  32 x 40" framed four patch top in pretty pastels. It's just adorable!

54x70 tropical stars Cindy

And last but not least, we have a HOT tropical looking star quilt that's 54 x 70" and also came with its own backing and binding strips cut out. Woot! Thank you VERY much for your thoughtful additions, Cindy!

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