Friday, August 24, 2012

Are You Sitting Down? Tove's Quilts!!!

Wow. Just WOW!!! Check out these fabulous quilts and tops from Tove in Arizona!!

First is the super colorful and wonderfully cheerful fruit quilt. I need a good name for it (leave a suggestion in the comments!!). I'll show the back too, but it's so awesome you'll think it's another quilt!

fruit quilt 54x72 from Tove
Tutti Frutti quilt by Tove 54 x 72"
back of Tove's fruit quilt
back of Tutti Frutti
Stars and snowballs are the theme of this next quilt...the colors are off in the photo (I will try to take new pictures when the light is better). The snowballs are cream, the stars are green, charcoal and a dusty rose. The back is all charcoal.

green star quilt v2 60x60 sq from Tove
Green stars and snowball by Tove 60" square

But wait! There's more! A lot more!

Here's a pretty top she made with some very modern fabrics. It's 72" square and very hip looking!! Someone more educated in mod fabrics will have to tell me if these are Kaffe, Amy, Joel or a combo...? Sorry it's a little droopy, LOL!!.

Mod top by Tove 72x72 full view
Mod top by Tove 72" square

Tove also mentioned she had a top in progress that was in rows. I said SEND IT! I will put the puzzle together and get the rows sewn together. I couldn't fit all 8 rows onto my design wall (too much stuff against the bottom of the wall) so here are 6 of the 8 rows. I think I may need to play with the order a little, but this is going to make an awesome quilt for some fella! It's grey and tan/brown. She even sent the leftover scraps so I could make a scrappy backing for it (but I'm secretly tempted to use them to make another top and use muslin for the back, shhhhh!) ;)

masculine WIP 70x70 top by Tove
Chocolate Meringue quilt by Tove 72" square

So I can here you now saying "wow, Tove really outdid herself!!!" But you know what? She also sent me some cute orphan blocks too. Thanks a million, Tove, you're going to make a lot of people so very happy!!!

orphans from Tove
orphan blocks from Tove


  1. Very nice. How many have you received so far?

  2. alright! Great quilt tops for a great cause! Smiles are going to be on faces.

  3. I have these 2 finished quilts from Tove in hand, plus a few finished tops, and 2 more tops that just need the rows sewn together. I also have 8 finished quilts on the way from Shelley, and LindaHoo has 2 finished quilts coming soon, one is a scrappie and the other is a Brenna's Heart. I believe Viola is also sending 2 finished quilts and same from Sam (quilting doberman). I know there are some others too, including Deb in NY and Judy (blue jude) who are sending finished quilts and LOADS of others who are sending tops and blocks. I'm going to have to get my postal person a nice gift card for Christmas, LOL!!!

  4. Tutti Frutti! That would be a cute name. Thanx Tove for your wonderful donations! I like "Shades of Gray" too.

    1. LOL! Tutti Frutti is a cute idea!!