Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aileen's Box 'o Goodies!

Aileen gets the prize for the most orphans sent!! But first (said like Julie Chen) here is a cute African/Jungle themed top that just needs a little bit added to it. It's currently 35x41".

35x41 jungle Aileen

The Tulip Medallion below is 32" square, and is a pretty green/purple combo. She also included eight corresponding blocks so I spaced them around and will look for a print to fill in the blanks.

Aileen tulips

And here are a pair of 24" square wall hangings. They could be the centers of some sampler quilts eventually. Only time will tell!

24sq blocks or centers Aileen

And here are the orphans!!!

This first one had me puzzled at first. The initial blocks I opened were the ones at the bottom...then the pieces (now laid out)in the upper right corner, some of which are sewn together, some are not. Then I found the real clue, the block in the upper left corner. I then figured out how the pinned pieces went, and that the "blocks" I first saw are actually strip sets. I might sew these myself, or just send them with instructions. I think it would be easier to just sew them myself though :)

Aileen puzzle 

Here are the orphans that have some sort of applique. I see a lot of different techniques here! I also threw in the hexies. They're so cute!!

Aileen O3

Next up we have a few stars, a barn...I actually saved all the files for the same BOM for this barn, so that amuses me! I also love the butterfly and kitty blocks.

Aileen O2

And to wrap this up, we have the miscellaneous items...including 10 crazy quilt style blocks.

Aileen O1

Thank you for all the goodies, Aileen! You've given us a lot of fun things to play with!!!


  1. I'm glad they are being used for a good purpose.
    The blank piece of fabric in the box was for the Hexies.
    They look better from afar then when I was looking at them! LOL

    I was so happy to send these to you. I have been playing with these blocks for more than a decade trying to figure out what to do with them.
    Crazy quilt blocks in sewing stuff on it were stack and whack. I may have more of that that fabric. I will look for it.
    As for the Tulip medallion, it is a Thimbleberrie pattern that I blew up and then never could figure out what to do next. If you want I will mail you the beige fabric that goes to that.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Aileen! I answered you on the forum :)