Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shelley's EIGHT Quilts

Wowsers!!! Shelley really came through for us, with 8 fabulous quilts! The descriptions will be above the corresponding photo. I showed you two of them earlier, and will repost them at the end of the list.

Flannel 4-Patch & Rail Fence 
40"x 50" with pale pink fleece backing Blogged here
4-patch rail fence front

Garden Gate 
44"x58" Churndash with dark blue, cotton backing Blogged here

Garden Gate quilt

Scrappy Quilt 
48" square, w/ Baptist Fan quilting and white muslin backing.

48sq Scrappy by Shelley

Prairie Point Swap Quilt 
60"x62" with white muslin back. Note the solid black prairie point edge! It's important to note that most of the blocks have signatures on them, as the swappers signed them, and this one also has a hanging sleeve on the back.

 60sq Prairie Point swap by Shelley

Cathedral Window
35"x46"  (machine stitched) with unbleached muslin back

machine cathedral window

Gimme Diamonds 2
42"x56". Pieced flannel top, sashing is in baby print. She used pink/blue/yellow fleece on the back. The front has purple setting triangles, and the red squares have the word "believe" in them. There's enough pink on the back that this may be best suited for a little girl.

Gimme Diamonds 2

Gimme Diamonds 1
 42"x56". Pieced flannel top, sashing is in baby print. She used cute black & white dog print fleece on the back of this one. Great quilt for a baby boy!!

 Gimme Diamonds 1

Arrowhead Star
53"x58" solid, dark purple cotton back Blogged here

Houston 2004 finished quilt

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